10 Ways To Land A Job In Advertising


Oct 19, 2012 - by Ryan Berman
10 Ways To Land A Job In Advertising

Currently unemployed? Just out of school? Graduating in December? Whether you are out of work or just looking to land the job you want, hopefully the below will help.

#10: Be Gone Cover Letter. Adios Resume.

1998 called. They want their cover letter back. Case in point for the cover letter I sent below back in 1998. Somehow, it sort of worked then (even though I spelled 'Copyrighting' vs 'Copywriting'). Those days are long gone. I get more cover letters and resumes than I know what to do with now. Remember, it’s a creative business. Show me your personality.

#9: Stand Out. Stand For Something.

Want to go green but still show off your portfolio? Kindly send me to your website. Articulate that you’re saving the world one digital portfolio viewing at a time. We like people who smartly stand for something.

#8: Don’t Be Creative For the Sake of Being Creative.

I value those who understand the ‘why’ not just the ‘what’. Be strategic in the ways you choose to get my attention. Just keep it relevant, contemporary and appropriate.

#7 Your Technology Is Showing.

Sure, it may be expensive to do something no one else has done to date. Isn’t that (partially) the point in our business? I guarantee that if you send me to your app – which hosts your portfolio -- I’m going to at least take a look.

#6 Networking; The work that can’t come off as work.

Do your homework. Go where the events are. Then be smart about how you authentically connect with others. If you’re good at what you do it will shine. This approach takes patience and time.

#5: Share Your Point of View on Social.

It’s always good to have a point of view. Use the tools at your fingertips to tell others in the digital space about the way you think.

#4 Pay Others Forward On Social.

Sure, you become part of the PR machine. However, Twitter is a great place to forward on other people's creative and strategic tweets that you like -- so long as you’re not clearly ‘hamming’ it up.

#3 Play Your Cards Right (without showing all your cards).

People like attractive people. I’m not talking about looks. We’re talking about confidence (not hubris). We also like 1) intelligence, 2) experience, and 3) people that know how to not come off as desperate.

#2: Don’t Burn Bridges.

You just never know.

#1: Don’t Settle. Only Look To Land The Right Job For You.

Remember, you’re actively looking to find a spot where you want to be 8-12 hours a days. It’s always best if you like the people you’re working with. Some think this is a ‘wishful thinking’ approach when you’re out of work or fresh out of school – but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look to find commonalities between you and the company you are trying to impress. Fact is, if I see ‘worked in NYC’, ‘played soccer’, or, ‘Redskins fan’, I’ll probably hear your story. Make sure you have values and beliefs that are in common with a particular person/company you want to work with.


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