15 Blogservations that could be found in Fortune Cookies…


Sep 24, 2012 - by Ryan Berman
15 Blogservations that could be found in Fortune Cookies…

I just came back from Vegas where I was on a 24 hour Wesearch® (our version of Research) mission for a pitch. I always adore getting out of the office and playing a little Sherlock, crafting my own observations. It reminds me of that epic scene in Good Will Hunting where Sean (Robin Williams) realizes Will (Matt Damon) has never stepped out of Boston and has learned everything he has ever known from a panoply of books. I choke up every time that monologue takes off as he passionately spits, “But I bet you can’t tell me what it smells like in the Sistine Chapel." 

There’s just something about getting out there and seeing – or smelling -- something for yourself. Which brings me to the below list of personal observational findings I wanted to feature here in thy trust blog.

I hope you’ll enjoy.

15: WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE. But not everyone is going to live. Take risks. Go after the things you want.

14: DON’T JUST LIVE IN YOUR OAKLEY’S. If you live in your shades 24/7, you never truly see the world through your own eyes.

13: GAMES IN RELATIONSHIPS ARE BAD. If men or women had tails like dogs, you would instantly know where you stood in a relationship. Frankly, there would be no games in the dating world.

12: DON’T NAME YOUR KID SOMETHING STUPID. Your poor kid is going to have to live with that their whole life.

11: PRAY SOMETIMES. Just in case.

10: THE ELEMENTS OF SURPRISE! I was supposed to be named Megan. However, when I popped out, the doc said, ‘it’s a boy’. Surprise! You see a movie everyone said sucked, however, it exceeded your expectation bar so you liked it. Surprise! A girl or guy you thought was an idiot does something you never thought she or he had in her/him. Surprises keep us on our toes. They’re the key to eternal happiness

9: HAVE INTEGRITY. My earliest memory involves me walking out of a store at the Inner Harbor with my Dad in Baltimore. As we walked out, I showed him this shiny gold rock I swiped from a plant. He walks me back in there and makes me apologize to the owner. I’m 5, bawling my eyes out, go through with it, will never forget it and will always tell others about it.

8. JUST SAY YOU’RE ALLERGIC. If you want food prepared a certain way, just make sure to tell your server you’re allergic to whatever ingredient it is you don’t want. It’s that simple so long as you do it up front.

7: KNOW THAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW. We know absolutely zilch entering this world. Which means everything is gained by experiences taught by others. We’ve been taught to covet a specific religion. Or to be driven by money. We’ve been taught who to trust (and distrust). Every feeling we have comes from someone, somewhere teaching us.

6: COIN YOURSELF A SUPERHERO NAME. I’m Mr. Saturday. I have the ability to turn any day or situation into a glorious Saturday. “Mr. Saturday! Where are you?”

5: LISTEN TO OLD PEOPLE. Make anyone over 70 your friend. Anyone born in the 1940’s has seen so much, which means they have a lot to talk about – if they can remember.

4: LISTEN TO KIDS, PEOPLE. They eat glue, have imaginary friends, and can defame themselves whenever they want. Oh, the hilarious, crazy and creative stories they can tell…

3: BUILD A FORT. Take extra sheets from your closet and pillows from your couch. Take the curtains from the walls and the mattress from your bed. Make an elaborate fort in your house or apartment to sleep in for a night. Its ok to be a kid again. Learn from the Peter Pans and Patch Adams of the world.

2: ADOPT IF YOU HAVE TO. Just be smart about it. If you’re going to adopt, head over to Africa and pick out a 7 foot 9 NBA-ready twelve-year old. Ten years from now you’ll both be thankful.

1: AGE AND TIME ARE MANMADE. You are as young or as old as you choose to feel. Remember. Time and age are both human inventions.

Your move, chief.


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