5 Simple Strategies to Grow Your Team


Jun 29, 2017 - by Katie Sheriff
5 Simple Strategies to Grow Your Team

In my short career, I’ve had the pleasure of working for some of the best, most effective public relations and marketing managers. Each with a completely different style, I was able to synthesize my managers’ strengths into a handful of simple strategies to promote growth and cultivate a strong team. Only three years into my career, I’m happy to share insight I’ve gained from the best in the business:

  1. Take teachable moments – With so many menial tasks, it’s important to give all team members new opportunities to learn, even if that means more work for you initially. By supporting employees when they tackle new projects, the team will feel empowered and will regularly acquire new skills.
  2. Empower employees to ask questions – To support team advancement, create a safe and supportive environment. Encourage all team members to ask questions, press for clarification and speak up when they are feeling lost. When team members receive deeper explanations and reassurance, they will create work more closely aligned with what you had in mind.
  3. Value Insight – The best idea should always win. I firmly believe that from founders, to first-time interns, we have something to learn from everyone. Some of the best ideas are sparked from group brainstorms including team members from different disciplines and experience levels. Urge team members to consistently speak up and share their thoughts - you never know where the winning idea will come from.
  4. Celebrate Wins – What may be an inconsequential placement to you, might also be one of your co-worker’s greatest achievements in their career thus far. Keep in mind what’s exciting to each person on your team, and celebrate his or her wins. Always cheer each other on, and take pride in the work you produce as a team.
  5. Show Appreciation – When each member of the team understands their integral role and feels appreciated for their work, competition fades and the team unifies. “Thank you” goes a long way.

On that note, a big thank you to my managers who made me the empowered, outspoken team player that I am today!


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