6 Steps To A Successful New York Media Tour


Aug 21, 2012 - by Jon Bailey
6 Steps To A Successful New York Media Tour

Members of the global media are very busy, and sometimes it can be hard for a San Diego marketing and communications agency to get their attention on behalf of a client, no matter how good the story. So, we’ve found over the years that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Literally. Instead of sending them invites to San Diego they may never accept, we take the road show to them.

Last week, I brought our brand partner The San Diego Museum of Art to Manhattan for meetings with high-level editors and producers of national and international press. Interviews were scheduled for Executive Director Roxana Velasquez with outlets including The New York TimesCBS Sunday Morning and Bloomberg News. The early results are impressive...

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how we made a whirlwind media tour come together. These principles can be applied to most circumstances:

  • Step One - The List: Our superstar team of reputation specialists honed down a select list of top media that would be interested in our story. They researched these folks, read articles they’d written, tracked what subjects they showed interest in, and basically stalked them to determine levels of interest.
  • Step Two - The Hook: The team had a clear idea in advance about what stories might interest each media contact. Only then did they reach out, connecting with editors individually with information about The San Diego Museum of Art that would interest them personally, based on the profile amassed.
  • Step Three - The Talk: Once they connected, the art of conversation began. Would they be interested in meeting Roxana and hearing more about the very cool things she has accomplished at The San Diego Museum of Art in just two years? Stuff that would have taken another museum director four or five years to get done? Why, yes they would.
  • Step Four - The Plan: Because we had specific travel dates, our team had to become expert logistics mavens. They scheduled, calendared, booked and rescheduled until they had two full days of meetings with interested media outlets.
  • Step Five - The Adventure: We traveled, we schlepped press materials, we met, we sparkled... Okay, Roxana sparkled, and I managed. The media were suitably impressed, and we had great dialog with them about possible story directions, upcoming news opportunities, and scheduled some actual placements with hard deadlines. We made these meetings worth the editor's time.
  • Step Six - The Follow-Up: We had some amazing experiences, particularly at the Bloomberg News and New York Times headquarters. (More on that in another blog post.) Now back home, we follow up with our new media friends, all of whom seemed truly interested in covering news about The San Diego Museum of Art. Some stories are already pending, and some are in development. None would have happened without taking this trip.

Already the results are rolling in. Here’s a sample of a quick item Bloomberg did as a result of their trip, with more opportunities coming in the near future. Stay tuned for more developments…

Roxana Velasquez (Left), Executive Director of The San Diego Museum of Art, and Katy McDonald, Deputy Director of External Affairs, visit The New York Times arts editors on a recent media trip to Manhattan.


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