A Story of Story: National Tell a Story Day


Apr 27, 2017 - by Ryan Berman
A Story of Story: National Tell a Story Day

On National Tell a Story Day, I wanted to tell a story, personifying…story. My cap is tipped to any soul who makes stories or takes in stories! For without people taking in stories, the makers wouldn’t have an audience who cared.

A Story of Story
by Ryan Berman

Once upon a time…
there was a Story.
Legend has it,
Story was a fickle tale.
Always repeating itself;
Over and over again.
Hoping just one day;
it’s message would stick.

Story put on a hard cover.
At least on the outside;
But on the inside;
Story was devout to his words.
You see, Story was an open book.
This was the only way,
Story thought,
to be an elixir of imagination.

Alas, over time;
the word on Story,
began to spread.
For being a stickler,
sticking to his script,
Story granted many others;
gifting them escape and wonder.

And so the story of Story swelled.
Tellers all over the land,
shared Story's story.
At campfires.
During bedtimes.
Over swizzle drinks.

All this kept Story dust-free!
For Story was a grand educator;
Nestling all that wisdom,
inside a captivating container,
best coined as entertainment.
It helped the tale of Story grow.
And be yearned for.
And adored.

For that;
the Story of Story;
remains alive today.
For as long as Story lives,
and we share Story’s story,
there will never be, ‘The End’.


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