Blog Action Day/The Power of We - San Diego Supports a Public Market


Oct 12, 2012 - by Indra Gardiner Bowers
Blog Action Day/The Power of We - San Diego Supports a Public Market

I'm an only child of divorced parents. I learned to rely on myself at an early age; to make stuff happen, be responsible and whenever possible, not have to rely on anyone. One of the most wonderful things about growing older is that you unlearn some of the lessons learned as a child. Learning the power of we has been just such a lesson for me.

Almost everything wonderful that has happened in my life has involved other people. Whether it was marrying my perfect man and creating a family, or starting a business and being surrounded by incredibly talented people everyday, or joining organizations that want to do good in the world. It always involves a "we". When Blog Action Day announced this year's theme - The Power of We, I knew what story I wanted to tell.

When Catt White and Dale Steel launched their 10 year dream of starting a real, honest to goodness Public Market in San Diego, they knew they needed the power of all of us. So they created a post on Kickstarter with the dream of raising $92,244. The dream took off.

Suddenly, I was reading about the Public Market on Facebook almost everyday from a large and disparate group of friends. Seemed like everybody had heard about the Market and everybody wanted in. In a little more than two weeks, the dynamic duo had raised $146,121 from 1,379 backers. They exceeded their goal by 58%.

The power of social networks and a path for what San Diego can be, drove our community to support the vision in short order. By September 12th, the first market opened to the public.

This part of the story is key. The momentum never lagged.

Every day there was progress reported through social platforms to keep the community connected to the project. People were volunteering to paint, work in the office, load in, whatever needed to be done they wanted to do because there was a sense of ownership and pride. We, the people, were making it happen and supporting two women with a dream for our community. And now San Diego has a Public Market filled with stalls full of fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, artisan goods, chefs, art, food and all of us.


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