Choose Your Own Video Advertisements


Jun 04, 2010 - by Heather
Choose Your Own Video Advertisements

Having to sit through a 15-second pre-roll ad before an online video begins is painful and frustrating. Especially when the ad is 5-seconds shorter than the video itself. As annoying as these ads are, it's clear that they're not going anywhere. So if we're not able to bypass them, we should at least be able to select which ones to watch.

Thanks to a service developed by Fairfax Digital, now we can. Ad Selector allows consumers the ability to control the messages they receive. Through Ad Selector, advertisers using online platforms that are owned by Farifax Digital are able to significantly bolster brand awareness and recall among consumers by giving them the option of choosing one of three ads they deem more relevant to them. The system is set up to a default ad if the viewer doesn't select one within the allotted amount time.

Advertisers recognize the importance of putting power in consumers hands. Ad Server is yet another example of the continued transfer of media power from the brand to the consumer. The more choice we as consumers have, the less negative our experiences will be.


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