Dear Facebook


Jul 13, 2012 - by Whitney
Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

I wanted to discuss our relationship, as I feel we've lost touch in the common goal we used to share in making a better community for people, and making brands more personable. I began working with you because I saw the potential you had to transform my brand and connect with my customers in a way I couldn't have imagined before. You made my brand a person to them and our relationship to customer service was better because of it.

Facebook, did you know that my team cried, hugged and got drunk when we hit 100,000 fans? I still remember watching the moment it happened. I remember we were eating guacamole. We cried because our bosses and the other deparments thought we were a joke, a phase, and that Facebook, blogging and social media was only reaching 13 year old girls. (Look whose mostly on Facebook now, your mom. So nanny nanny boo boo to all the original haters.)

My page grew and grew and grew, sent tons of traffic to our website, and allowed our brand to expand and create our biggest store in our history, our e-commerce store. You could almost see people virtually lining up for the doors to open. You should have seen the crisis management we went into on that Facebook page when the e-commerce store was 90% sold out in a few days.

Every time I uploaded a photo album with new product that linked to our e-commerce store, my fans went ape shit leaving hundreds of comments and likes. It was so satisfying. It was so authentic.

My fans received what they wanted in terms of content based on their feedback in likes, comments and clicks. I even went to bat for you with the Csuite execs to get you ad dollars, and invest in creating the proper social media team to accommodate the audience we created. After that team grew, I left seeking something new and a new challenge. Happily knowing you'd be there to support me.

But then I worked on smaller brands, and you ignored me. Even the bigger brands I worked on somehow were lost in your newsfeed. You Facebook started deciding who saw what content when. And that was hurtful. Because my small brand has a small budget, but all the opportunity in the world to create a genuine community if you let people see the amazing posts they create everyday.

(All the pages I currently admin)
I guess I'm just confused Facebook. We don't have an ad budget so we won't be able to buy our popularity like a rich prom queen. Maybe Google+ can give us a loan if we promise to send our fans to their platform. But no one really wants to go to the rec center group hangout after prom, we all want to get invited to the big after-party with beer.

Do you know how many CEOs, VPs and Directors of Marketing I've talked to about you and how much they need you Facebook? Facebook, we've come a long way together, you grew because my brands grew, I grew because you grew. But now it feels like I'm not growing much anymore, and I miss the simple days of great engaging posts my fans wanted to see. Help me fall back in love with you Facebook. Or just tell me we are in a rough place right now and that you'll go to counseling with me.

I was just wondering if maybe you could allow people to see the content we create, when we create it. Don't hide it from our fans, that's messed up. Do you know how many times I've drafted a Facebook post in a content calendar over the last 4 years? Do you know how many times I've posted a status update? Do you know how excited I was when you could add a photo to status updates? Do you know how sad I was when you asked me to promote my post for $30 for 6k fans to see it? Or $100 for 22k fans to see it? Those are my fans. I earned them over the years with authentic content. It's like we're divorced and have joint custody over the kids.

Just clean up your algorithm and let the newsfeed be true again. And I will convince my brands to buy ads with you, because we both know they don't have a choice. But when I do, can I have a little customer service support? And can you not fill my page with spammers created in Egypt? And no they don't meet your minimum spend for a brand rep. But I bet if Zappos were running your ads, they would care about the customer service piece of the ad business. Not everyone is Nike. Don't swallow the small brands Facebook.



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