Get Your Digital On at Interactive Day San Diego 2012


May 24, 2012 - by Jon Bailey
Get Your Digital On at Interactive Day San Diego 2012

Staying ahead of the curve. On top of your game. One step ahead. In front of the ball. Outside the box. Lame analogies aside, our industry needs continual professional development in order to properly lead our brand partners forward.

Which is why many of our i.d.e.a. team members will be at Interactive Day San Diego, sponsored by San Diego AdClub on June 15. AdClub has been growing this fantastic event for several years now, and the lineup gets better each time. I can honestly say I have walked away from this conference much smarter than when I arrived, and the value derived from attendance is invaluable. This year, however, they have outdone themselves.

Do you think anyone would notice?

I’m totally geeked out thinking about all the brainpower I can suck out of some of these keynote speakers this year. Do you think they would be offended if I tried the Vulcan Mind Meld on them from backstage?

Check it out:

  • Robert Pietsch, Director of Sales at Twitter, will be talking about how the world’s major brands are using tweets to strengthen brand engagement. Considering many digital experts believe Twitter has the strongest social media platform for lasting success, I can’t wait to hear what Robert has to share.
  • John Hilton, Executive Director at Pandora, can help me dig deeper into the mash-up of online and audio pleasure, and how to recommend it effectively for brand marketing. Customization is the new black, right? So that must make Pandora king.
  • Steve Patrizi of Bunchball is talking about Gamification. And what digital marketer isn’t these days? We should pack his room to hear Steve teach us how to apply gaming engagement techniques to brand models that increase their user experience. Local success story MOGL is a great example. Sticky!
  • And we must all bow at the altar of Eujin Hong from Razorfish. One of the most successful and revered creative agencies in the digital landscape, Razorfish has set the bar high. Eujin drives creative strategy there – need I say more? Plus he hangs out with

Plus that’s not all. As if there were enough hours in the day, I will be running around Interactive Day trying to be in multiple places at once to see/hear/absorb any excess brain matter from Rand Fishkin/SEOmoz on SEO, Jeff Hasen/Hipcricket on mobile, Joel Book/ExacTarget on email, and Sam Saliba from that little company called Google.

So come join me at the Bayfront Hilton, starting at 8 am on June 15. I’ll buy you a RedBull so we can keep up with each other…


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