HangTen #281: Kick-off May With Movement


May 08, 2012 - by Karin
HangTen #281: Kick-off May With Movement

‘Keeping our toes on the nose of refreshingly current trends, ideas and guerrilla tactics.’

To advance, progress, prompt, arouse, excite. These are just a few of the many definitions for the word “move,” the verb noticeably in the minds of marketers this month. This week we've noticed brands spark movement emotionally and others have taken a more physical approach.

Get moved, moving, or move someone, it's our challenge for you this month.


10 Must Text While Driving?

We have all heard the pleas to put a stop to texting while driving, but the message doesn’t always resonate. To convert awareness into action, Responsible Young Drivers (RYD) spoofed student drivers with a shocking (thankfully bogus) law, deeming ones ability to text while driving mandatory. Pretty ridiculous, but effective.

09 Inspiration Of The Underheard

New York City is home to an enormous homeless population. While they need food, work and housing, more importantly is their need to be heard. Underheard in New York brought that concept to fruition by giving four lucky individuals a voice via cell phone and twitter account, instigating global inspiration.

08 Bridging The Brutality Gap

The Miami Ad School crafted a concept to remove the concerning disconnect between lives lost to war in gaming versus real life. On International Children's Day, in an effort to tug on gamers' heartstrings, Amnesty International will launch a new version of Battlefield 3, calling on them to protect the innocent.

07 Dove Delivers Feel-Good

In their ongoing commitment to building positive self-esteem and inspiring women to reach their full potential, Dove launched "The Ad Makeover," a Facebook application that encourages women to replace confidence crushing ads that often call out imperfections with empowering feel-good messages.

06 Carrefour’s Crisis Free Celebration

Carrefour, a supermarket in Rome, decided to celebrate their 50th birthday with a throwback approach. For the day, they adjusted prices and currency back to 1961, a much happier, crisis free economic time for Italians and their pocketbooks. Consumers were ecstatic and shopping accelerated as a result.

05 Rewards Of Reciprocation

A simple thank you is all too often disregarded or under delivered. Thankfully, not all brands are falling victim to this shortcoming. Kraft, for instance, recognizing the fantastic feeling that results from their Facebook fanfare, reciprocated their appreciation with an elaborate, highly entertaining song and dance video on YouTube.

04 Majority Rules, Cool Or Crap?

It’s probably been years since most of us have had an opportunity to play some good ole tug of war. But don’t fret, the game has now moved in to the digital world. Tug of Store takes on a democratic approach to determining what's cool and what's not, somewhat clique, but also contagiously clever.

03 Argentina Amps Up Affirmation

Thanks to Coca Cola, distance and resources didn’t stand in the way of Argentinean football fans cheering on their team. Knowing how exhilarating and motivating noise can be, Coca Cola sent a truck across the country, recording the voices of the masses and later revealing the mix at the game.

02 Puma Promotes Purchasing Speed

Puma claims to have the fastest sneakers in the world, so in order to back that up, they put forth a pretty snazzy promotion. Enter “The World’s Fastest Purchase,” a challenge rewarding consumers with discounts based on how fast they're able to make their purchase. Ready, set, go and save.


01 Tang Testers Mix It Up

Tang tapped into the minds of excitable youngsters to test out new flavors. To ensure a fun factor and increase engagement, they gave eager roller coaster riders a few flavors to put into the water glasses strapped to their seats. The coaster set off, the concoctions were mixed, and the kiddos were pleased.


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