Instagram Star Sheds Light on Alcohol Addiction


Sep 30, 2016 - by Schuyler Vanden Berg
Instagram Star Sheds Light on Alcohol Addiction

In the tradition of LonelyGirl15, Addict Aide recently created a fictitious Instagram star named Louise Delage in order to demonstrate how difficult it is to detect alcohol addiction.

Watch the campaign unfold below. 

Now, I could talk about how this is a brilliant use of new media. I could point out that it was clearly designed to reach fickle, marketing-savvy millennials. I could debate push vs. pull, traditional vs. non-traditional or branded vs. native.

But instead, I’d like to talk about good, old-fashioned voyeurism. The age-old obsession we have with viewing the private lives of others that has been made easier by the proliferation of social media. Louise played right into our swiping hands. Instagram served as the digital version of the building across the street, and each post was a window into her sexy, glamorous life, where the ocean was bluer, sun was brighter and by the ever-present drink in her hand, it was apparently always happy hour. In the end, Addict Aide came up with a clever, disruptive way to create awareness about addiction – and not just of the alcoholic variety.

Learn more about this campaign here.


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