Is General Motors Grasping at Straws?


May 03, 2010 - by KDay
Is General Motors Grasping at Straws?

General Motors is spending a hefty sum on primetime TV advertising explaining to Americans that they have repaid the bailout dollars they were given in late 2008. The CEO, Ed Whitacre stars in the commercial and says that they have repaid their debt five years early and with interest.

Blog and internet news sites are reporting that the money they used to repay their debt simply came from another bailout fund from the government.

Will the general public think it is commendable and look at the automotive giant favorably? Or will they hear the other side of the story and be sick of the controversy? Does America relate to a CEO that makes more than ten times the average household income? Is General Motors grasping at straws? What do you think of this advertising move?


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