LinkedIn for You and Your Business


May 25, 2012 - by Robin
LinkedIn for You and Your Business

If you haven’t realized the business potential of LinkedIn yet, you are behind the times, friend. It is the sleeping giant of social media, though big moves like purchasing SlideShare for $119 million are steps to change that. Job hunters and hiring managers constantly search the social site to build out networks, beef up personal and company profiles, and ultimately make informed business decisions.

Echoing earlier Great Matters reports about inbound marketing on the rise, here are a few i.d.e.a.s about how business owners and leaders can maximize Linkedin profiles. Keep in mind that Linkedin has been around for almost 10 years and has about 161 million users.

Build the foundation.

  • Complete your own personal profile
  • Optimize by adding key words and search terms that reflect your job and company
  • Add plugins, like WordPress
  • Update descriptions and content over time
  • A 100% complete personal profile is a powerful profile

This is a vital step - a business wouldn't exist without its employees. Your personal profile sets the tone for your business and your staff.

Grow and nurture your networks.

  • Start with coworkers, friends and family if you haven't already
  • Connect with brand partners, vendors and other professional relationships
  • Use the advanced search feature to find potential employees or new business contacts
  • Join relevant groups
  • Follow other companies

Building your network online is an extension of real life relationships or a starting point for building new ones. Make new connections in industry groups and have a voice in community discussions.

Market your business.

  • Complete your company profile
  • Create a group and encourage others to join
  • Use status updates to develop thought leadership
  • Link to the company blog RSS and generate leads to your site

These features present the greatest opportunity for you and your business. You are in full control of your brand's image and this work only helps in leading visitors to your website and blog.

Spend a little time lovin' your Linkedin and see what you glean - you may end up with a great new hire, expanded network or new business opportunity. While you are at it follow i.d.e.a. on LinkedIn.


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