Making Your Brain Do Bicep Curls


Dec 10, 2012 - by Joe Nafziger
Making Your Brain Do Bicep Curls

Breakfast at the table. Behind the wheel commuting to work. In your chair at your desk. Eating lunch in the office or at a restaurant. Meetings all afternoon. At your computer until the evening. Commute home. Dinner. Watch Netflix. Surf on your phone until you fall asleep and start the same routine next morning.

Think about how many hours you spend sitting each day.

I assume it's the old J-O-B that keeps you stationary the majority of the time. Most white-collar positions have you planted at a desk, sitting and staring into the infinite depths of a computer monitor for at least 40 hours a week.

It's simple and addictive. Your eyes glaze over. You slouch forward. You're locked into position where the only things in motion are your eyeballs, wrists and mouse-clicking finger.

Unfortunately, being this sedentary physically hurts the body and mind of both you and any always-seated employees.

I’m sure this is a no-brainer thus far, but what about…
Sitting Disease
Sitting disease is a real thing. It increases your risk of Type 2 diabetes (big time), heart disease and cancer (breast and colon). Even people who exercise 60 minutes a day don’t offset the damage caused by sitting for six hours. Six mothertruckin’ hours!

I wouldn't be surprised if most of us are sitting 12-14 hours a day. When you add 6-8 hours of sleep, the average desk-jockey is a motionless mass.

"But, Joe," you say to me in your head, "why are you being all preachy and talking about health and what not? This is a marketing, communications and advertising blog."

You’re correct.

I harp on this stuff because sitting too much not only makes your cells burn less fuel/fat, it reduces brain activity.

And lets face it: your best work requires an active intellect.
Think On Your Feet
You own and operate a creative, unique, powerful human mind. You are paid to strategically solve problems affecting your business and the business of your clients.

The longer you remain in non-human positions—such as scrunched up at a desk— the less blood circulates in your cranium.

Do you want old blood sticking around in your head? Not if you want to think tactically and for longer.

Old blood sucks.

With your to-do list already soaking up your whole day, you don't have time to puzzle through brain teasers. You aren't filling your lunch hour (really, a half-hour) skimming Trivial Pursuit cards or sketching Reiffel-esque landscapes.

Get mental and physical fitness from where it's most simple: Standing up and working at your computer more often.

Standing puts less pressure on your spinal discs compared to sitting. It forces millions of nerves and muscle fibers to fire in the lower half of your body which would otherwise lay dormant. Staying on your feet keeps the brain busy fighting gravity’s force…a job normally reserved for a stupid ol' chair.

You not only extend your life expectancy by sitting less than three hours a day, your mind stays more engaged which means your work is focused.


Would love to hear what you think about the way we work nowadays. If you're interested in trying out standing while working at a computer, please check this short questionnaire I created. I'll gladly share how to build this simple wooden desktop computer stand.


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