Maximizing Your Agency's Productivity on Mac OS X


May 06, 2010 - by Saya
Maximizing Your Agency's Productivity on Mac OS X

As a graphic designer, being proficient with the Mac platform and Adobe Creative Suite is a must. There are many reasons why most studios and agencies use Macs, one being that they have many features which will help you work faster and better when there's a tight deadline. And as anyone who's been involved in marketing or advertising will tell you, there are often tight deadlines.

Here’s the list of Mac features I find helpful when time is of the essence:


Allows you to quickly locate an open window, or to hide all windows and show the desktop 
without the need to click through many windows to find a specific target.


Allows you to group your application windows 
according to the way you work and easily switch between them. If you are the type of person who
 can never get enough external displays and have little desk space—this might be a good fit for you.


Gives you fast access to folders and files. When you click a stack, the files within spring from the Dock in a fan or a grid.

Folder Content Preview

Gives you a quick preview of the folder's contents (click the image to see a movie of the animation)

Safari Top Sites

At-a-glance preview of your favorite websites when you launch Safari. Provide you the ability to quickly visit a site.


Not only helps you search the entire computer, you can also use it as a dictionary and a calculator.

Macs are also known for having many useful shortcuts that help us designers save time. Here are just a few of the useful shortcuts you may want to adopt:

  • Command+W: to close a window in an application
  • Command+ Option+W: close all windows in an application
  • Command+Tab: Bring up all the applications you have opened via in this mode you can “click Tab” through each application and then “click Q” when you want to quit that application

How about the rest of you Macs out there? Any other short cuts or features that make you more productive?


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