New Home, New Possibilities


Sep 17, 2014 - by Matt Jensen
New Home, New Possibilities

i.d.e.a. Acquires FortyOneTwenty

Earlier this summer, i.d.e.a. made a bold move and acquired FortyOneTwenty, a San Diego-based video production company started 7 years ago by Matt Mangham and myself, Matt Jensen. This deal represented the culmination of 10 months of careful planning, relentless patience and a whole lot of coffee. Needless to say, we were incredibly excited and anxious to announce the move and begin this new chapter in our team’s creative journey.

Just in case you haven’t already heard about FortyOneTwenty, let me give you a quick history of our company and how it came to be. Matt and I founded the company back in 2007 with a vision to create and sell media to churches across the country. I brought a background in business, web development and engineering. Matt brought a decade of experience in video with a unique creativity that eventually became our signature style. By 2009, our vision had grown to encompass commercial and wedding cinematography. Within a year, our wedding work had gained national recognition and we were booking work 18 months in advance across the country.

Fortunately for us, weddings provided the financial stability and business connections we needed to pursue our other cinematic passions. In 2012, we received a call from an executive producer at NBC Universal. A family friend had forced him to watch one of our wedding videos and he was stunned. If we could “make a groom putting on his pants look sexy,” imagine what we could do with the stale look of reality dating shows like the Bachelor. He took a chance and brought us on board to establish a cinematic look for NBC’s new primetime series, Ready For Love. This led to cinematography work with most of the major networks but also provided us the opportunity to fully direct, shoot and produce two seasons of a local series.

At this point, our team had doubled in size and launched a renewed focus on commercial and creative endeavors. This found the team working closely with a handful of marketing and digital agencies from all over the country. One of those agencies just happened to be i.d.e.a. After a series of successful projects together, we began to joke about joining forces: “You guys are here so much, you should just move in.” However, it became apparent very quickly that this made a ton of sense on so many levels. Fast forward ten months and the rest is history.

We are incredibly excited to be a part of this growing group of creatives, working together to move people, products and culture. The team at i.d.e.a. are nothing short of amazing. We’ve been welcomed in by an inquisitive, accommodating and fantastically imaginative group of people. Not only that, the culture here at i.d.e.a is one of unity, passion, purpose and drive, making this a perfect home for the future of FortyOneTwenty.


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