Now Here's Some Awesome Content


Feb 06, 2013 - by Indra Gardiner Bowers
Now Here's Some Awesome Content

The other day my husband and I were discussing the creation of our own blog. We've been bouncing the idea around for a couple of years and have come up with some fun concepts around this potential blog. But during the discussion my husband brought up the issue of the haters. The people who would attack us, particularly me, since I am a more public figure. And it kind of shut the conversation down.

I'm really sick of the haters.

That's why I am so enamored of SoulPancake. Have you seen it? It's a new media company that Rainn Wilson started with a couple of fun, creative and inspired friends. Their mission is to open your mind, challenge your friends and feel damn good (I love it). The site is just full of silly, while also tackling Life's Big Questions including death, spirituality and love. Up until this past Sunday, when Wilson kicked off The SoulPancake TV Show on Oprah's OWN channel, all the content created by SoulPancake had been solely served on the Internet (note to self: create enough awesome content and Oprah will give you a TV show).

I found the site because of the Kid President video that went viral a week ago. If you haven't watched it, please do. It will make your day better. It led to a visit to NYC and an appearance on the Today show for Kid President and proves, once again, that people want more positive in their lives.

It also reminded me that despite all of the, as Wilson says, "crap on the Internet," there are lots of people out there focused on creating content that is the opposite of what the haters do. It's positive, life affirming and worth spending some time with during your day. This is the miraculous part of the Interwebs. From the profundity and silliness of SoulPancake to the Arab Spring, the human spirit shines through.

If you want more inspiration, watch Kid President talk about the #awesomeyear we should all have in 2013. Personally, I am committed to No. 13 and No. 23 (along with just bringing more awesomeness to all things). What about you?


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