Poo~Pourri Creates New Spots


Oct 11, 2016 - by Joe Nafziger
Poo~Pourri Creates New Spots

Poo~Pourri’s in-house production team made an entertaining video about a topic with easy laughs. It’s funny for what’s essentially a five-minute infomercial. See it here.

There are some minor criticisms of the spot; small things that reveal bigger differences in how external and internal teams tackle the same assignment.

If this had been written, shot and edited by an ad agency, I think the video would be about half as long, feature better actors and not suffer from a couple audio issues.

Agencies put their time and experience into perfecting work for someone else (clients). The bar is higher than that of an in-house team who only has to impress themselves.

Luckily, both sides do some things the same. Just like agency folk, internal people know how to spit world-class marketing B.S.

Case in point, when asked about moving all production within their walls, Poo~Pourri’s lead director said, “We have a very specific, delicate brand voice that is purposely hard to pull off.”

That’s laughable considering half of the spot’s voiceover is a fart noise.


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