The Changing Agency Landscape


Jul 24, 2012 - by Indra Gardiner Bowers
The Changing Agency Landscape

For this month's issue of TACTICS, a monthly publication of PRSA (Public Relations Society of America), I penned a piece about agencies adding new services, thinking about how they define themselves and 5 things to consider when launching or re-launching a brand. It's been a turbulent few years in the agency business with a rocky economy, shrinking media pool and growing social media world significantly recasting marketing roles and opportunities. As readers of this blog know, we took it all to heart and changed everything including growing the team, launching a new name and brand, and reinventing Don't Drink the Koolaid into Great Matters. This article shares some of our thinking around why we changed and why you might want to think about change for your business. I truly believe that change is part of the magic that keeps life engaging. Not just for change's sake but for improving and growing. Challenging ourselves isn't always easy. Agency life can be hard enough without trying to break molds and reinvent. But for us at i.d.e.a. that's part of what makes coming to work so interesting everyday.


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