The Digital Three Way


Jun 24, 2013 - by Indra Gardiner Bowers
The Digital Three Way

Yup, that was the title of the session I presented at Interactive Day San Diego last week. Yes, I wanted to be provocative, but I also had a point to make.
Let's start with the truth...

The center of the universe is not your website, or your blog, or New York City (difficult as that is for me to admit having been raised there).

The center of the universe is Google.

Google has more than 1 billion searches a month and according to John Ross, CEO of Shopper Sciences, 70% of all shopping decisions are preceded by online search. Google is the source of knowledge and information for the majority of human beings engaged online. Google calls it the Zero Moment of Truth.

If we accept this truth, then search, and your efforts to optimize your ranking in search, are critical to your marketing success. And the old link building strategies aren't working so well anymore, cause The Google is smart.

So what's the Digital Three Way?
It's the intersection of Search Engine Marketing + Public Relations + Social Media.

When those three disciplines work in unison, you are actively affecting your brand's ability to be found in search. It's marketing gold. Why? Because we live in a content driven world online and breaking through the velocity of all that posted content takes strategic thinking and integrated execution.

What do you have to do to fulfill the Digital Three Way?

  • Start by including SEO planning from the beginning
  • Keyword research is the first step
  • Create interesting, valuable and shareable content (e.g. photo above and video below)
  • Tag content with your keywords on the backend
  • Develop press materials that use attributable links and the same keywords in the copy
  • Tag the content you're sharing on social media platforms with the same keywords
  • Use the same keywords in copy and tagging of your digital media buy
  • Line it all up so that these tactical efforts happen together

If you do all of the above, you can end up with fantastic campaign results, as this video demonstrates in our work for the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.

Making Models out of Models (IMS) from i.d.e.a. on Vimeo.

If you understand all of this, I would love to know what else you do to integrate these three key pieces of successful online marketing. If you don't understand it all, we're here to help. Click on the Contact button below and we'll be in touch.


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