The Great Debate: HTML5 vs Flash


May 14, 2010 - by idea Staff
The Great Debate: HTML5 vs Flash

So this past Tuesday, two fellow BG comrades, Ryan and Saya, gave a little presentation on what’s ahead for advertising and digital design with regards to HTML5 and Flash. In case you were dead the last few months and just awoke, there is a tussle going on between these two for the crown of preferred platform to design/develop. Apple has thrown their weight behind HTML5 and therefore the iphone and ipad don’t support Flash. Ouch. Adobe, seemingly on the defensive, recently has come out with some interesting communication from their camp and I believe we are in store for some quality banter in the coming months. On, I came across the following leaderboard.

On the same page, Adobe also had a 300x250 flash banner (two frames below right).

Pretty bold statement there, Adobe.

I am not a designer, however I do feel strongly that people buy devices (iphones, ipads, etc) and want to get the most out of them. When a device doesn't support a platform, everyone lose out because the experience isn't as great as it could be. Our designers have opinions on the future of the web and where this is going, but I’m curious if any other designers or web developers have any thoughts?

Are we in for a Mac vs PC type standoff coming in the form of HTML5 vs Flash? I hope so because I love the slightly below the belt shots that they throw at one another.


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