Using YouTube Live For Splat’s New Influencer Marketing Campaign


Sep 10, 2018 - by Katie Sheriff
Using YouTube Live For Splat’s New Influencer Marketing Campaign

With the popularity of video on the rise, it’s harder than ever to produce organic social content that gets noticed. Since courageous ideas are our jam, we leveraged an emerging social trend to launch the first-ever live stream hair dyeing influencer campaign for leading fantasy hair color brand, Splat.

Through the “Dye to Be Different” campaign, we partnered with two influencers @HeyThereImShannon (718,993 subscribers) and @Atleeeey (178,035 subscribers), to host 2-hour live dyeing events on YouTube. Each influencer walked their followers through the process of using Splat to dye their own hair, included brand messaging, hosted giveaways and drove sales via a custom tracking link.

Influencers also answered questions and responded to comments coming through the live stream in real-time, all while dyeing their hair in the process! Exceeding initial expectations, our first two partnerships generated:

• More than 10,000 unique viewers throughout the live streams

• 69,000 unique views of the videos (now posted on the influencers’ YouTube channels)

• Check out Shannon and Ashley’s live videos here: @HeyThereImShannon and @Atleeeey

• 1,400 trackable link clicks, driving to the product purchase page on Splat’s website

• Thousands of positive comments from viewers around the globe

Our next live influencer event will take place later this month to raise awareness for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Follow @SplatHairDye on Instagram to get the details and tune-in live for the next Dye to Be Different event.



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