When Ads Become Cool Enough to Own


May 06, 2010 - by Rich
When Ads Become Cool Enough to Own

I've been somewhat skeptical of Gatorade's G campaign. (Sample TV commercial here, sample print ad here.) To me, the work was better suited for brands like Nike or Adidas than for a simple sports drink.

So when I saw Gatorade's new "Revolution" spot last weekend, I thought, "Alright, so they found a feel-good, old-timey song to cut footage to."

Turns out a lot people thought the song was cool. People wondered what it was. One blogger dug deeper and reported that the song wasn't an undiscovered hit by Bo Diddley or Otis Redding- the song was actually written for the commercial. And that it was available for download, for free, on Gatorade's site.

Imagine that. Advertising that's cool enough that people want to put it on their playlists.

That's cool. And maybe that's the point. Perhaps I'll walk over to the gas station and pick up a bottle of that thirst quenching fruit punch.


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