Why We're Becoming a B Corp

B Corp

Jun 26, 2014 - by Amon Rappaport
Why We're Becoming a B Corp

To become a B Corp, we need to meet a series of requirements...

You probably know that Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia walk the talk when it comes to environmental and social responsibility. But less people know that each company is a Certified B Corp, a designation that recognizes their commitment to “benefit” the greater good through business.

While traditional C Corps make decisions primarily to maximize profits, B Corps instead seek to maximize value for people, planet and profit—the “triple bottom line.”

That’s why i.d.e.a. is working to become a B Corp: because we believe that our business succeeds when we not only make money, but make a difference too. That’s what we tell our brand partners, and why we developed a specialty in Brand Purpose to help them.

All of this is why it’s time for us to not only walk the talk, but to start talking about it too. To become a B Corp, we need to meet a series of requirements, including measuring and reporting the impact we’re making beyond the balance sheet. So, we decided to focus on the two areas that matter most to the people who work for and with us, and where we can have the greatest impact: Community Investment and Environmental Stewardship. We’ve put together our first B Corp Summary Report of last year’s performance, and this year’s goals, in both areas. Here are some highlights:

Community Investment

  • In 2013, we gave more than $125,000 worth of pro bono service and donations to local and national nonprofits like the National Center for Conflict Resolution, Movember and LEAD San Diego. In 2014, our goal is $150,000.
  • Our team also volunteered together numerous times in 2013, such as serving dinner to homeless teens every month at Stand Up for Kids, and cleaning beaches and our neighborhoods with the Surfrider Foundation and San Diego Coastkeeper. This year we’re not only tracking the time we spend, but also giving staff four hours of paid volunteering. Our goal is to get 100% participation, with all staff volunteering at least an hour.

Environmental Stewardship

  • We’ve already implemented programs to cut down on paper towel use and reduce printer paper use by 25% over last year, and we’ve eliminated plastic water bottles entirely.
  • We’re measuring our energy use, and will soon establish a program and goals to reduce it. We’re also going to measure our carbon footprint from commuting and travel, create a plan to reduce emissions, and establish a program to offset the rest

Soon we’ll be one of the more than 1,000 Certified B Corps in the world. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this growing movement, and bring you along for the journey. Let us know how you think we can create the most benefit for all.


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