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Brands Need Authentic Representation.

62ABOVE was built with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility as part of our DNA and core principles, and we’ve incorporated those practices into our marketing campaigns for many years. Recently, we’ve been excited to see proper representation of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility become a strong initiative for most of our clients. Throughout the entire marketing industry, brands are exploring new ways to be inclusive in their campaigns. It’s about more than saying it in words and pictures. Brands must authentically demonstrate their commitment to diversity, and marketing is the best way to show the world. Clients like See Monterey, Visit Carlsbad, Harrah’s Cherokee Resort & Casino, Save the Inventor, Visit Anaheim, and The Inventors Patent Academy (TIPA) have all tasked 62ABOVE with finding respectful and creative ways to demonstrate their commitment.

A Spectrum Beyond B&W.

Challenged to find unique and authentic ways to demonstrate diverse audiences through marketing, 62ABOVE zeroed in on visuals, graphics, and messaging that would help each brand tell its story. For some, it was finding talent to authentically represent our diverse population. For others, it was helping to create programs specifically geared to support folks who identify within the greater DEIA community. Regardless of approach, the constant theme of representation helped these brands show who they really are in the world by connecting in genuine ways.

Beyond this, we strive to ensure that DEIA practices are considered in every creative idea we generate, and every campaign we produce. We intentionally cast talent from a diverse pool of possibilities, including people of different ethnicities, gender identifications, body types, ages and abilities.

The Proof is in the Pudding.

We’re very proud of the work we have accomplished for our clients in the DEIA space:

  • See Monterey – Breaking a new ad campaign recently, See Monterey worked with 62ABOVE to create an emotionally moving video focused on a deaf family as they explored the wonders of Monterey County.
  • Visit Carlsbad – In our new campaign, a broad range of diversity is shown through cast members and settings, including ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and more.
  • Harrah’s Cherokee Resort & Casino – For several years, we’ve been producing campaigns for Harrah’s that include people who look like guests at the casino, hotel, restaurants, and attractions. Diversity and representation are important to the Cherokee Tribe and to the brand marketing team as well.
  • Visit Anaheim – For Visit Anaheim’s new campaign, currently breaking on various ad platforms, we filmed talent across the diverse offerings of Greater Anaheim. In the process, we included people of body type, color and ability as part of scenes that show Anaheim in all its splendor.
  • The Inventors Patent Academy – Built from the ground up, featuring dozens of video clips of women and inventors of color, we worked with the Innovation Alliance and Qualcomm to create an entirely free e-learning course that helps historically underrepresented groups learn how to file patents and protect their intellectual property.
  • Invent Together – This national alliance of educational institutions, research organizations, and companies is dedicated to broadening participation in inventing and patenting by advocating for greater inclusion by underrepresented groups. 62ABOVE created a brand identity, website, and social media presence entirely representative of diversity and inclusion.