Innovation Alliance - Dream Small

Innovation Alliance - Dream Small - Innovation Alliance - Dream Small

The Innovation Alliance needed to halt proposed legislation that threatened to weaken patent holders’ rights and the integrity of patents in the United States, as well as the entire innovation economy.


We rallied supporters and disrupted the prevailing narrative by creating an emotional movement: “Save the American Inventor.” With a “Dream Small” campaign that made people think about a future without the spirit of invention, we swayed influencers to question the need for the sweeping legislation facing Congress.


The Senate bill was shelved, and was included in the United States Library of Congress as a historical public policy record. The Save the American Inventor campaign iterations have been so successful that they continue to evolve even today, and award shows noticed.

Dream Small Sketches
Dream Small - Banner
Dream Small - Inspire no one - give up - hold back
Dream Small - Discover nothing - imagine less - do what's been done
Dream Small - Invent no more
Dream Small - magazine spread
Dream Small - Boy 1
Dream Small - Boy 2
Dream Small - Girl
Dream Small - Boy 3
Dream Small - Subway Full
Dream Small - Subway half 1
Dream Small - Subway half 2

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