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With family, work and jam-packed schedules, going back to school is seen as too time-intensive for most adults. National University needed to let people know that with the school’s flexible degree programs, you can learn at home or in a classroom, and on your own time.


We turned National University advertising into virtual classrooms. By making every marketing opportunity a learning opportunity, we showed people how easy it is to learn with NU. Now, instead of just watching a TV commercial or reading a magazine ad, people were actually learning something they likely didn’t know before. Don’t think you have time to learn something new? You just did.


People not only stopped to learn about National University, but they filled the school’s lecture halls for the upcoming school year. After the debut of six national TV spots in one night, NU’s web traffic doubled from the highest it had ever been. National saw a 300% increase in direct leads and a 400% increase in social traffic—and minds haven’t stopped inquiring.

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Pantone Dark Blue
One Cowhide can produce 10 footballs
Americans eat 100 acres of pizza each day
Dreamt is the only word that ends in amt
Public bus service has been around since 1662
When glass breaks the cracks spread at 200 miles per hour
Pythons can grow to twice this signs length

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