SANCA & Nathan Benderson Park

SANCA & Nathan Benderson Park - SANCA & Nathan Benderson Park

SANCA was formed as a non-profit organization responsible for the oversight and development of Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida. In collaboration with Sarasota County, SANCA is tasked with envisioning and executing a long-term plan for the growth and success of this important community asset. The Park itself has enjoyed global acclaim for rowing facilities by the international community, but offers so many other programming opportunities to connect with local audiences. As it has gathered steam, the SANCA organization has yet to enjoy visibility in the community or beyond, which is vital to the guidance, facilitation and administration of future programs at the Park. SANCA has been operating with no brand, no awareness and no vision strategy for how it will achieve its goals.


62ABOVE was chosen to partner with SANCA in identifying and creating a new name, brand and direction. With these critical components in place, SANCA can move towards the future with executable tactics in operations, fundraising, marketing and capital improvements. SANCA will then be able to fulfill its charter as a true partner with the County in directing a long-term strategy to become the valued community asset it has been envisioned to fulfill. A 10-year Vision Plan will be created that clearly defines the future of SANCA and therefore Nathan Benderson Park.


Still in its early stages, the branding process for SANCA is in development now. The organization is near completion on a new name and logo that will better define the future of the non-profit and the community asset it serves. Concurrently, a comprehensive research study has been conducted within the community of Sarasota County and beyond, interviewing key stakeholders in the public and private sectors. This has entailed a deep dive into what makes this community so special, why an asset like Nathan Benderson Park belongs here, and how audiences can enjoy it. More importantly, the Vision Plan being developed now will tackle the issue of why the Greater Sarasota Community should care about the Park and help it grow and prosper.



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