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Raising a glass and raising the bar with Temecula Wines.

Temecula Valley is making noise in the wine world … but not everybody has heard it yet. As a relatively young wine region with some outdated misconceptions, many people don’t realize that this place is home to incredible wines and awesome wine experiences. On top of that, there’s a come-as-you-are attitude that is a breath of fresh air in an industry that can sometimes be pretty unapproachable. The Temecula Valley Winemakers Association believes great wine should be for everyone—and they wanted to reflect that belief with a full rebrand. And this was something we could toast to.

Calling all wine lovers.

The first thing we did was help them rebrand from “Temecula Valley Winemakers Association” to the simple and friendly “Temecula Wines.” Then came a new logo, “Sippin’ on Sunshine,” which takes inspiration from the colors of a Temecula Valley sunset and the region’s grape varietals—with a modern look that stands out against the competition. With the campaign, we knew it needed to feel like an invitation: a toast to amazing wine, the people who make it, and those you enjoy it with. That vision came to life with “Raise Your Glass.” The campaign included custom toasts that celebrated all that makes Temecula Wines wonderful. The photography and videography style felt welcoming and light-hearted, while showing off the beauty of the destination. We used a distressed type treatment to create a feeling of realness and approachability. Then we invited hundreds of thousands of friends through a 360-degree digital and social media marketing campaign.

Something to celebrate.


  • Almost 117k pages visited after ad exposure.
  • 17k user sessions of 3+ minutes on site.
  • Facebook following boosted by 115% in Q1 alone.
  • Over 872 million earned media impressions in publications such as Ranch & Coast Magazine, LOCALE Magazine, Time Out, and San Diego Magazine.