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Putting the “good” in Carlsbad.

Visit Carlsbad chose 62ABOVE as the creative agency to help develop and launch a whole new brand. Being that Carlsbad is one of our favorite hang spots, we were thrilled. We set out to capture the destination’s come-as-you-are, play-how-you-want, good-vibes-only attitude. We wanted to show how, when you’re in Carlsbad … it’s all good. And just like that, a new brand was born.

Letting the personality shine.

“All Good” became the platform on which everything was built. We found a brand voice that was totally one-of-a-kind (and totally Carlsbad). With it, we told our story through a fully integrated multi-channel brand marketing campaign, including video, social, radio, digital, and beyond. We created a new logo, called WaveShine, that also fit the destination—bright, energetic, and inspired by surf and skate wear. The colors pay homage to the region, representing the ocean, the lagoons, and the iconic flower fields.

“All Good” leads to great places.


  • Consistent month-over-month conversion growth.
  • $4.3MM+ in revenue driven.
  • More than an 11x return on ad spend.
  • Lots of love from the local Carlsbad community.