Zachari Dunes

Zachari Dunes - Zachari Dunes

Located on a stunning stretch of beachfront in Oxnard, California, RLJ Lodging Trust had an opportunity to transform an aging Embassy Suites into a premier resort destination. Partnering with Hilton|Curio to manage the property also meant that RLJ needed to create a bespoke name & brand that would punctuate the resort’s metamorphosis.


Many people did not know the significance (and importance) Oxnard, CA played in the development of The West. Henry Oxnard relocated to the area in 1903 with the ambitious idea to build a sugar-beet processing factory. Oxnard intended to name the settlement after the Greek word for sugar - zachari. But frustrated by bureaucracy, he ended up naming the region after himself. The name Zachari Dunes is an homage to the history of this special place on the California Coast. The white, sugary-looking dunes that frame this world-class resort punctuates the name, and embraces its natural surroundings.


To reflect being a coastal resort, the unique Z in the logo is created by paying homage to the natural terrain. The dune, being an inspiration, is used to create a graphic that celebrates sea, soil, and sky. Flipping the dune shape vertically allows the baseline of the Z to feel like water waves. The stem of the letter is a nod to the current that flows westward to the Channel Islands, which are the two hero dunes at the letters’ height. A simple circle represents the glowing sky of the west coast.



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