Working at i.d.e.a. Behind "The Wall"


Sep 26, 2014 - by Rob McGee
Working at i.d.e.a. Behind

Working at i.d.e.a. Behind "The Wall"

“…I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come."The Night's Watch oath

On my first day as Social Media Manager at i.d.e.a., I sat down at my desk and looked up at a sign that my colleagues had placed on the partition that separates us from what is colloquially known as the “coordinator corral”. The sign, in all its epic glory, read “North of The Wall” - a reference to the wall protecting the Kingdom of Westeros in the popular book and TV series Game of Thrones.

As I sat there staring at the sign wondering what tasks lay before me, I realized that the story of The Wall and the brotherhood of The Night’s Watch is the perfect analogy for social media marketers who hold an ever-vigilante watch upon their clients’ brands.

Like the brothers, we are the first line of defense against a motley crew of haters, trolls, and plain old jerks like that Lord of Bones dude. We’ve worked hard to hone our skills in community management, to learn the vast and ever-changing landscape of the social kingdom, and to plan our battle strategies in ways that are smart and effective. There is no real “off” time for us. It’s hard work, but it’s massively rewarding.

I have to admit, we have it better than those upon The Wall. We get to talk with fans all day. We get direct feedback on our ideas. My favorite part is that we get carte blanche to explore the social web, in order to deliver better experiences to our fans. What other discipline gets to do that openly? Keeping watch as a social media manager is actually pretty freakin’ badass.

It’s been six weeks since I became a brother of The Night’s Watch at i.d.e.a., and like Jon Snow, I’ve learned that my noble lineage (Chicago) was only the start of my lifelong journey. You’ll have to excuse me now; my post is calling.


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