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What services do you offer?

62ABOVE is a full service, integrated marketing agency offering services in advertising, brand strategy, creative campaign development, media planning and placement, public relations, social media, influencer marketing, video and film production, web and digital development and more.

How long has 62ABOVE been in business?

Founded in 1995 by Indra Gardiner Bowers and Jon Bailey, 62ABOVE rebranded in 2020 when Greg Carson joined as President.

How will 62ABOVE get to understand my business?

Our process of understanding your business at 62ABOVE begins with a deep dive into your brand, reviewing any past marketing programs, research, audience segmentation, category details and other information relevant to your business. From there, we conduct our own thorough gathering of details through stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis, social listening and other methods necessary to gaining a full understanding. From there, tactical executions flow from a combination of our in-house capabilities.

How is your agency structured?

62ABOVE has nearly 40 full-time team members and a carefully selected group of trusted subcontractors, subdivided into departments based on marketing specialty and expertise. At 62ABOVE, we believe that all great work is rooted in sound integrated marketing strategy. From our combined strategic insights comes smart creative ideas tied specifically to the client’s customer truths.

How many awards has 62ABOVE won?

62ABOVE has won many marketing awards that span our many years in business. There are far too many to count or list here. But what we value most is results, and the team at 62ABOVE is laser-focused on achieving – and hopefully surpassing – our clients’ goals through measured results and success metrics.

What types of clients do you work with?

At 62ABOVE we seek long-term relationships with brand partners that share our zeal for smart creative solutions that achieve desired results. We truly enjoy working in collaboration with our clients, rolling up our sleeves together and creating marketing programs that we can all be proud of. We enjoy working in many categories of business, and are well-known for our work in tourism, hospitality, consumer products, and purpose driven brands.

Where are you located?

62ABOVE is headquartered in downtown San Diego, which is our only office location. In addition, our team is working remotely from a widespread network of home offices from New York to Seattle, from Miami to Boulder. We’ve found having our team based broadly has helped us gain valuable perspective from outside of California, and our clients agree. The team has been able to bring important insights as true members of the target audiences for many of our clients.

In addition, 62ABOVE is a proud member of TAAN Worldwide, a global network of independently owned agencies across 24 countries and 52 cities. We turn to our TAAN network for a variety of insights and have tapped them for input on perspectives from other countries, languages and cultures.

Do you work with clients who are out of state or in another country?

Our clients at 62ABOVE are located throughout the United States and beyond.

How often will I receive updates on my account?

We are in the business of communication at 62ABOVE. Our clients hear from us regularly – sometimes daily – and receive regular updates on the progress of our marketing programs together. In some cases, we produce bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly reports, and we review our overall performance annually.

What are your hours of operation?

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Pacific Standard Time.

What sets 62 Above apart from other agencies?

Integrated thinking sets 62ABOVE apart from other agencies. Creativity is at the center of everything we do – from successful ad campaigns to gorgeous content production to writing newsworthy pitch angles and press releases. We pride ourselves in bringing our clients integrated ideas, out-of-the-box thinking and strategic solutions that surprise and delight. The results we achieve from this approach are impressive, because we have talented subject matter experts in-house. Our leaders in strategy, creative, paid media, public relations and social media are all at the top of their games, and they blend their talents synergistically to bring our clients the best thinking. Our program ideas tie marketing disciplines together that cause our target audiences to act.

What industries does 62 Above service and specialize in with the greatest results?

Although we are comfortable working in a variety of business categories, we are particularly well known for our successful marketing programs in tourism, hospitality, consumer products, and purpose driven companies.

Can you offer references in my specific area and industry?

Yes, upon request.

What is the process to get an estimate?

Our process of connecting with potential new clients is directed by Jon Bailey, who along with his team determines the best marketing recommendations for brands and companies seeking an agency relationship. From in-depth conversations, we determine our potential Scope of Work and estimated budget allocations for all suggested programs. This is provided to potential clients in the form of a comprehensive marketing services proposal.

How soon should I expect to see results working with 62 Above?

Results from our marketing programs vary greatly depending on the size, scope and parameters of the work we are doing with our clients. We typically do not expect to see measurable results until 3-6 months into a new program.

What is your onboarding process like?

We take onboarding seriously and several members of our team are involved to make sure everything goes smoothly. Our account management team is well versed in coordinating this process, from accounting set-up and contracts to brand immersion and data migration. Our goal is to make it as seamless as possible for new clients so we can move on to the fun part: working together and getting to know each other.

We start every new relationship with a kickoff meeting to discuss what success looks like, how we’ll track our progress, and the best ways to work together and keep the communication flowing.