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Okay, fine… we have a lot of thoughts. That’s because we’re constantly learning new and exciting things about this ever-changing industry—from brand design to social media advertising, content creation to media marketing—and we can’t help but share those findings with you.

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Media Meltdown: What’s a PR Pro to do?

Over the past twenty years, we have witnessed the slow demise of an industry that once seemed completely rooted in American culture. American media was an unshakeable icon. Yet from 2004 to 2024, more than 2,400 local newspapers have shut down.

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Media Trends

2024 media trends. There are a million of them. So much technology, so much data, so much evolution. I could regurgitate what I’m seeing but honestly that’s no fun and you’ve certainly already read it somewhere else. So I’m going to tell you what I’m excited about in 2024.

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62ABOVE Joins the ALHI Family

On April 1, 2024, 62ABOVE officially joined forces with Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI), marking a significant milestone in both organizations’ journeys. This strategic partnership will result in a fusion of ALHI’s global luxury hospitality reach and our creative marketing expertise, setting a new standard for innovation and service in the industry.

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Account Management Means Business

No matter what you call Account Managers at your agency, the qualities that make us truly top-notch are the same. We are the folks who create structure, but never settle for routine. We’re contributors, not just facilitators. We nerd out. We make things happen. We’re insanely curious. We’re part therapist, part ninja, part cheerleader, and part air traffic controller. We do our homework, we take the lead, and we don’t wait for instructions. But as we look toward the future, that’s not enough. For Account Managers to catalyze success on behalf of our Clients and our agencies, we also need to cultivate a business mindset.

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62ABOVE’s Guidelines for Generative AI

As we recently shared, generative AI holds a lot of potential for supporting creative work. And while we don’t want to replace ourselves (who would?!) we do see how AI may become increasingly useful for agency professionals in the years to come. That said, we believe the responsible use of AI requires human judgment and oversight to avoid bias, misuse, and inadvertent risks of harm.

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Terrif-AI-ng? Does AI have to be so scary?

At 62ABOVE, we are starting to implement AI into our daily practices, but we are being very measured and conscious about when and how we use it. With so many ethical and legal implications yet to be sussed out, we see it as our responsibility to be, well…responsible.

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Embracing DEI in Advertising: Why You Should Give a Shit

I'm an optimist. I believe our world is a beautiful place. Our rich tapestry of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives inspires me every day. And that's exactly why I'm excited to incorporate this beautiful melting pot of humanity into the work we do for our clients at 62ABOVE. It’s not just our perspective, it’s our responsibility.

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A Shout Out To My Full-Service Agency Brethren

At this point, I think I could be considered an agency lifer (except that one year client side slip up, but I digress).

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Fiscal New Years Resolutions A Second Chance

The egg nog is gone; the tree is on the curb; and, your New Years hangover has set in. It’s January 1st, and that means one thing: time for those hopeful, lofty New Years Resolutions.

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The Power of TV Builds Brands

In today’s digital-first advertising world, many marketers often forget TV is one of the most powerful mediums for building brand images and creating a “halo effect” in the minds of consumers.

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