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Account Management Means Business

By Amy Gelender

Owning the business beyond marketing communications

This starts with a deep understanding of our Clients’ businesses and industries. How do they make money and where does the bulk of their profit come from? How do our clients’ business models compare to their direct competitors?  It means listening to quarterly earnings calls and keeping tabs on stock prices. Reading the leading industry publications, news articles, analyst reports, and other research. Learning the intricacies of our clients’ businesses is just the beginning for Account Managers. Putting all that knowledge to use by sharing our point of view and rationale is what makes us valuable partners and advisors to our clients and to the rest of our agency team. In fact, our Account Management team recently did a deep dive into funding sources for each of our DMO clients and led a “Lunch & Learn” for the entire agency.

Focus on the strategies that will get results.

Companies hire ad agencies like ours to deliver topline revenue growth. There are a lot of different strategies to achieve that growth and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. Some of our clients need to increase brand awareness or solve a perception problem. Some want to shorten the purchase cycle. For certain clients, it makes sense to steal share (or shelf space) from their competitors. Whatever your goals are, we always start by agreeing on what success looks like and choosing the best path(s) to get there together.

Metrics matter.

Measuring progress toward our goals is super important. It helps us understand if the strategies we’re utilizing are working or if we need to pivot. However, there’s often a difference between the results that are easy to measure and the results that really matter. The willingness to discuss and debate which KPIs we should be using to measure our campaigns is what makes us a true business partner. What matters most to See Monterey County (and their key stakeholders) is different than what matters to Visit Anaheim or Cherry Creek North, Colorado.  That’s why we deliver custom media plans and custom reporting decks for each of our partners.

Always Rise Above.

At 62ABOVE, “Rise Above” is our rallying cry and a core value that drives everything we do. Most of us are in this business because we get excited about big, crazy ideas – you know, the ones that don’t come with instruction manuals. Creating work that rises above the noise, that rises above expectations doesn’t just happen. Sometimes, you have to look at things through a different lens (or even break some rules) to find where those really juicy ideas are hiding. That means having the courage to leave the highway and cut through the field. But breakthrough ideas aren’t enough…

There’s a quote I love from David Ogilvy – “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” Even if there’s a ton of enthusiasm for an idea, we ask ourselves whether it will actually help our Clients achieve their business goals. As Account Managers, it’s our job to maintain a business mindset at all times and help steer great ideas in the right direction. 

It’s important to us that our clients are proud of the work we do together. And that feeling when one of our clients gets promoted or lands their next dream job because of the way we’ve helped them grow their business. There’s nothing like it. That’s what it means to Rise Above.