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Media Trends

By Jenn Bollman

2024 media trends. There are a million of them. So much technology, so much data, so much evolution. I could regurgitate what I’m seeing but honestly that’s no fun and you’ve certainly already read it somewhere else.

So I’m going to tell you what I’m excited about in 2024.

The hot media topics you’ll hear this year aren’t new news to anyone; the evolution of AI and its impact on marketing, the continued emphasis on utilizing CTV and the deprecation of cookies. All agencies, including ours, are constantly focused on these trends and how to evolve along with the changing media landscape.

It’s interesting to see the type of verbiage used about these topics though. It seems that most articles about the deprecation of cookies have some sort of “cookie-pocalypse” or the “cookie crisis” verbiage as if this is going to be extremely difficult and detrimental to advertisers. Articles about AI often have an underlying or unsaid fear as we consider what the future could look like.

Here’s the rub: AI has been part of the media landscape for decades and we will continue to adapt to changes in algorithms, content creation and foundational changes to how we go to market as we always have. And the deprecation of cookies is a GOOD thing, both for consumers and for advertisers. For decades, data aggregators and technology companies have been in a war to show which of them can make the most money in a cloud of black boxes and inference-based methodologies. If a cookie happened to go to,,, and, what buckets did companies like Neustar, Acxiom, Oracle, etc. put that cookie into? Outdoor living, male, female, cooking enthusiasts, beauty maven, you name it. The end result was an inefficient grouping of individuals that actually made efforts to reach the right consumer more difficult and less personalized. In a sense, cookies were a way for advertisers to lazily group consumers into large buckets and then spray and pray.

The 3rd party data game has been evolving year after year towards better signal-based data, and the deprecation of cookies forces all advertisers to no longer rely on inference, but instead find ways to use very real data that truly tells us something about that consumer. That’s exciting! This data allows advertisers to understand how their brands fit with the targeted consumers. What problems the brand can solve for them, what role it can play in their lives, how it aligns with who they really are. Cookies are being sunset because consumers don’t want their data to be farmed and utilized in ways that aren’t clear to them; it’s our duty as pioneers in this new landscape to listen to what they are actually consenting to and then responsibly show up in meaningful ways.

This all brings us to what we’re most excited for in 2024: Combining AI and cookieless targeting provides the opportunity to create stronger connections between brands and people than ever before. More accurate data offers the ability to understand who our consumers really are, what they care about and what makes them “tick.” AI allows for endless creative iterations to truly speak to each consumer in a way that resonates with them on an individual level.

According to Mediaocean, 89% of marketing professionals said that they did not have fully synchronized media and creative processes and technologies. We at 62ABOVE have already laid the foundation to ensure our processes seamlessly integrate media and creative; from the initial brief, to creative concepting, to dynamic creative opportunities in Flashtalking, to people-based marketing within our in-house DSP, we aim to have creative and media working together, never taking our eye off of our goal to move consumers in meaningful and responsible ways.