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Fiscal New Years Resolutions A Second Chance

By Pierce Cooley

The egg nog is gone; the tree is on the curb; and, your New Years hangover has set in. It’s January 1st, and that means one thing: time for those hopeful, lofty New Years Resolutions. We all entertain them. Some of us even follow through. Losing weight. Reading more. Calling your mom more often. Actually using your pandemic-induced-impulse-buy (that Peloton collecting dust in the corner).

It seems that the only time that we allow ourselves to dream of big self improvements is January. By July, more than half of those who set a New Years Resolution will have stuck with it. From there, it’s six month of indulgence, lethargy, and disappointment until it’s time to try it all over again. Rinse. Repeat.

But I’m here with an alternative – a second chance.

Many accounting departments finish their calendar year with a mad dash to close the books. Many, however, have adopted another approach: the July fiscal year. I implore you to do the same, but with resolutions.

July is the perfect time to refresh your life and to reassess aspirations. The weather is nice; joy is in the air; and something about your first time out in a swim suit really motivates one to exercise, break out that book on the beach, or whip up a salad.

At 62ABOVE, we are making Fiscal New Years Resolutions.

In June, our agency embarked from our homes, not only in San Diego, but also all over the country, for an overnight retreat in the picturesque wine country of Temecula, CA. Of course inspired by the work we’ve been doing for one of our excellent clients, The Temecula Wine Growers Association, our executive team thought it a fine place for planning, goal-setting, and…well…drinking wine.

All three of these activities were very well achieved, and in those sessions (tasting and otherwise), each team came up with goals for the rest of the year: benchmarks to meet, dream clients to work with, and which chardonnay truly was the best. If December is the only time you stop, collaborate, and listen, then you are certain to stray from the course.

What are some of these goals? Well, let’s hear from some 62ers on some action items that came out of our offsite.

SHEENA MARTIN (Senior PR Manager): This year, we want to call on our teammates in other divisions of the company more often for brainstorming sessions. We have some incredibly creative people in the company that make us look great when we go back to the client with their awesome ideas.

ERIK DARGITZ (Assoc. Creative Director): Be students of the game. Share more things that we love from other advertisers, brands, artists, etcetera, and see how they can inspire our own work.

INDRA GARDINER BOWERS (CEO): My resolution is to find ways for our team to spend more time together. Good thinking and great energy happen when we do.

These are just to name a few.

So, reader, I implore you not to wait until December. There is too much opportunity before turkeys are stuffed and presents are wrapped to throw in the towel. Whether you aim to land that next big client, finish your prolonged website redesign, or take your kid for more bike rides, now is your excuse to try new things, or reattempt old ones.

Say it with me: 3, 2, 1. Happy Fiscal New Year!