February 2021
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As consumer privacy concerns grow, tech giants are stepping forward with data tracking transparency initiatives. Prior to 2020, most data protection requirements began with government legislation. Last year Apple made a statement by rolling out their newest operating system iOS 14 and providing consumers with more control over their individual data. However, the ripple effects of Apple’s update are multiplying.

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As part of its commitment to diversity in innovation, we recently helped Qualcomm, a leader in global wireless technology, launch Invent Together, a coalition of researchers, universities, entrepreneurs, and non-profits focused on increasing the number of women and people of color who patent their ideas and innovations. Current data from the USPTO shows a lack of diversity in patenting, which has a variety of negative outcomes for minority and low-income inventors. When the American patent system becomes more diverse, the U.S. innovation economy will become stronger resulting in greater job creation and wealth distribution.



Account Manager
Team Member Spotlight

Hometown: Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Favorite Vacation Spot: Madrid, Spain

Most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten: Tacos de lengua (tongue tacos) from Hermosillo, Sonora (DO NOT RECOMMEND!)

What are you listening to right now - and why: I'm currently obsessed with the Bee Gees since I just watched their documentary and it's amazing!

What are you most passionate about at work: I love learning new things as an account and project manager. More specifically, I love working with our clients and am super excited about potential new clients! I'm grateful to be working with clients that are making a difference, one way or another. 

If you were an animal, what would you be: I would definitely be a dog. I'm obsessed with mine and am amazed about the fact that an animal can make you feel so happy and loved.

Surprise party for your birthday - yes or no: NOPE. I'm not a fan of surprises.

What was your first job: Retail! I worked at Juicy Couture and although it was a great experience, retail is definitely not my strong suit.
The Update

Hot things cooking up in the 62ABOVE creative kitchen:

HSMAI San Diego Webinar

Put March 18 at 1 pm on your calendar for the next HSMAI San Diego webinar featuring Pure Wellness - a company that offers a specialized program for hotels and other businesses as they operationally prepare to welcome guests during the pandemic. Since travel is soon to increase, visitors will be seeking safe destinations where they feel proper health protocols are in place. Our guest speaker will share some great information and tips that we can all put to use right away.
Cortica Care Joins 62ABOVE Client Roster
We’re very proud to be helping Cortica Care tell the world about their unique approach to neurodevelopment for children affected by autism and developmental differences. Based in San Diego, Cortica Care is advancing their effort to help more and more families across California. 62ABOVE is creating branding messages and marketing materials to reach more families in need of this critical support.

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