May 2021
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Marketing in a Cookie-less Future

As marketers, we strive to “serve the right creative, to the right user, at the right time” but that’s about to get a little tougher in 2022.

As users become increasingly aware of the volume of data and the startling accuracy of their online “anonymous” profiles, it can feel like anything but anonymous and consumers are pushing back through the help of big tech.

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Featured Work

Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau Campaign

Our new campaign for client Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau called “Now is the Moment” just launched at the end of April to rave reviews. National TV spots, digital ads and print feature people bored at home and dreaming of traveling to beautiful destinations in Monterey County like Big Sur, Pebble Beach, Carmel-by-the-Sea and more. For example, scenes include a woman who opens her refrigerator doors and is transported into Monterey’s Cannery Row, a bed-bouncing boy who goes from home to arriving on Carmel beach, a woman working from home who is handed a glass of wine through her computer screen by her husband at the 18th hole of the Pebble Beach Golf Links, and a group of home-bound friends who are transported to a spectacular glamping site at Ventana Big Sur.

Check out what we are calling ‘Houdini moments’ designed to engage the viewer. We think there are a couple of “how’d they do that?” moments that will make this a very memorable campaign. See for yourself!

The Update

Hot things cooking up in the 62ABOVE creative kitchen:

San Diego Museum of Art Opens New Exhibition

This May, our client the San Diego Museum of Art opens a new installation in the American art galleries called Paintings from the Confinement. It comprises 11 intimate egg tempera paintings by San Diego-based artist Marianela de la Hoz. The works were created in 2020 and 2021 in response to the transformative circumstances imposed by the global pandemic of Covid-19. A blurb from the artist’s statement: "During these very long months of confinement all of us have changed in many ways. At least for me it has been a time to reevaluate and confirm that the only treasures I have are my loved ones, family, friends, and art; everything else remained as non-essential.” A related installation will also be on view in this gallery featuring two self-portraits by local artist Carlo Miranda, who worked as a nurse during the pandemic.
Behind the Scenes on Catalina Island

Our crew paddled over to Catalina Island recently to shoot video and still photography for upcoming creative materials as part of our Love Catalina campaigns. The weather could not have been more gorgeous, and you may end up seeing a few of our team members standing in on-camera as talent! Production is in the works, but here are a few Behind-The-Scenes shots as the crew collected a ton of beautiful images. What a fun client to help tell their story.
News about Baja California Tourism

While non-essential travel is still being discouraged, the state of Baja California has been busy getting ready for visitors and encourages U.S. travelers to start planning their trips now. Their new website has lots of info for making plans. We recently placed this article on new hiking trails in the region, and can’t wait to lace up and check them out.
Our Summer Jams

Need some tunes to get rev'd up for summer? Here's a sampling of our teams favs to get you up and dancing.
Team Member Spotlight

Daniel Gates
Project Manager
Hometown: Born in St. Paul, MN and currently residing in Murrieta, CA.

Favorite Vacation Spot: I love the mountains, whether it's camping or renting a cabin. So far in 2021 we've gone to Big Bear and Idyllwild and we're looking forward to broadening our horizons as COVID restrictions let up. My dream destination is a quiet beach in the Maldives.

Most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten: During a school trip to Catalina in the 6th grade we dissected squid and ate their raw eyeballs. Thankfully I was able to chase it with some fried calamari.

What are you listening to right now - and why: Cryptocurrency podcasts. I'm fairly new to it but I've seen some pretty amazing returns in a short amount of time so I'm hooked!

What are you most passionate about at work: I genuinely appreciate the teamwork and camaraderie that come from working together on large productions and campaigns. It's extremely gratifying to see a project go from concept to execution knowing all the hard work that was put into it.

If you were an animal, what would you be: Probably one of my dogs. They have it great and sometimes (most times) I'm envious of their leisure lifestyle. It would also be fascinating to experience life as a shark or whale (think top of the food chain) and explore the vastly uncharted oceans.

Surprise party for your birthday - yes or no: Sure! The last time someone threw one for me I ended up finding out about it in advance so I flipped the script by hiding before everyone else showed up and caught them all off guard.

What was your first job: My mom is a retired nurse practitioner and back when I was on summer break going into my senior year of high school she got me a job working in medical records at her clinic. I thought I was rich when I got my first paycheck and then immediately proceeded to blow the whole thing on a new guitar.

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