July 2021
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Travel Experiences During the Comeback

As travel returns, people are having a wide range of experiences as they navigate the new normal. Marketers in the travel and tourism industry should take note that many visitors are experiencing surprising highs and devastating lows. As travelers take to the roads, skies and hotel beds in droves, the level of service they are experiencing can be wildly out of whack with their expectations.

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Featured Work

Save the Inventor: Curse of the Patent Pirates

What is a Patent Pirate? Big Tech and large corporations who infringe on inventors' patents and don't compensate or give credit to the patent holder. 62ABOVE was asked to create a memorable and engaging experience to explain why Patent Pirates are super uncool and bad for U.S. patent holders. Introducing Frank - our innovator who was a "victim" of corporate Patent Pirates.

The Update

Hot things cooking up in the 62ABOVE creative kitchen:


Digital research and advisory firm, Futurum, has retained 62ABOVE to develop naming, logo, and branding for a new media platform focused on the world of intellectual property. We bring deep experience in the category and are delighted to provide creative services to this smart, independent company.

After a COVID-induced hiatus, the 62A PR team is picking back up on our work representing the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) terminal that connects US travelers across the border and directly into the Tijuana MX International Airport.
The San Diego Foundation

After 46 years, The San Diego Foundation is redefining its future with a new Strategic Plan that clarifies what this important community organization stands for and on what issues and opportunities they provide leadership to the San Diego Region. This includes creating an equitable future in which all San Diegans have the opportunity to thrive, prosper and feel like they belong here.

Balboa Park Merger

It's official! Two of Balboa Park’s leading nonprofit advocates have joined forces for the greater good of San Diego’s crown jewel. The merger of the Balboa Park Conservancy and Friends of Balboa Park brings clarity, efficiency and impact. Using combined resources and expertise, the new entity is better positioned to partner with the City of San Diego and support the diverse needs of Balboa Park. In the coming months, look for announcements regarding name, identity, and opportunities to help build on this momentum.
Team Member Spotlight

Tori Malcangio
Associate Creative Director
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Favorite Vacation Spot: For now: Bend, Oregon. The hiking, the river, the music scene and walk-everywhere vibe. But when I grow up, I want to be an exotic traveler. Starting with walking a Tahitian vanilla orchid field in French Polynesia.

Most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten: Gum chewed by a stranger. It’d survived at least seven seasons mashed to the trunk of a palo verde tree. It was a middle-school dare and back then I wasn’t afraid of much, certainly not being disgusting.

What are you listening to right now - and why: The puppy at my feet snoring and the loud crow in the yard. Besides those two things, I need total quiet to think.

What are you most passionate about at work: The storytelling aspect of branding. Brands are people too. They either come with (or need to be gifted) likes and dislikes, bodacious dreams and annoying habits. I once met a brand just like me and it was really bad at taking itself seriously.

If you were an animal, what would you be: A bar-headed goose. They migrate over the Himalayas at 28,000 feet. It’s the only way I’ll ever summit Everest.

Surprise party for your birthday - yes or no: Yes please. I’ve never had a surprise party and lately (probably a coming-out-of-quarantine thing) I’ve been craving more surprises and more parties.

What was your first job: Mountain View Dry Cleaners. Scribbled notes in pockets. Lipstick on collars. Stains hastily explained in a whisper at drop off.  The fantastic storymaking behind it all made up for hours of weeding through dirty people’s dirty clothes while breathing toxic fumes of high-heat sanitation in the middle of an Arizona summer.

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