March 2021
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What Travelers Want Right Now, According to
Expedia Group Research

Over the course of 2020, Expedia Group surveyed 34,000 travelers across 13 countries about travel decisions and how COVID-19 restrictions have changed their plans to travel. People have been dreaming about travel for quite some time and are now awakening to a new reality where they might actually plan a future trip. But when? How? Where?

We’ve got some stats to share, as well as some recommendations for marketers on what to do next.

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Featured Work

Love Catalina - No Man is an Island

The video we produced for client Love Catalina has been named a winner in the Annual North American Travel Journalists Association Awards Competition. “No Man is an Island” won a Gold Award, recognized as among the best of the best in the Destination Video category.  Produced at the height of the pandemic, the video was created to keep visitors dreaming about Catalina Island until they could safely visit again.

The Update

Hot things cooking up in the 62ABOVE creative kitchen:

Monterey County CVB Chooses 62A

One of the most gorgeous and diverse destinations in California has chosen us to partner on their creative marketing and outreach to visitors as travel returns. With locations like Carmel, Big Sur, Pebble Beach, Salinas and Monterey, there are so many great visuals to work with in telling their story. Stay tuned for national TV spots, online campaigns and more!

Save The Inventor Campaign Tackles Pirates
We’ve rolled out a new campaign called Stop Patent Pirates that highlights the damaging effects of IP infringement by big corporations. This integrated effort focuses on members of Congress, their staff, and inventors across the country who have experienced infringement of their ideas and innovations. Check out the video as well as the redesigned website at
Parker Foundation Celebrates 50 Years

Celebrating 50 years of giving, The Parker Foundation tapped 62ABOVE for a logo and website refresh. In honor of the 50th, we designed two logos, one of which will only be used in 2021! Check out their updated look and learn about one of San Diego’s most important supporters of our non-profit community.

New Santa Monica Hotel Redevelopment
We’re excited to bring our placemaking skills to Santa Monica for a cool new hotel redevelopment project at the base of the famous Santa Monica Pier. We’ll be helping the owners with developing a new name, brand, look and personality for what will be an iconic hotel property. Steps from the beach, restaurants, world class shopping and entertainment, guests will be vibing in the middle of a uniquely So Cal atmosphere.

Vacation Memories

We are a group of explorers, adventurers and globetrotters. Heck, some might even call us travel junkies. So we asked Team 62ABOVE to share some photos from their favorite vacations. We can't wait to get out and see the world again soon!

Amy Gelender
Director of Accounts
Team Member Spotlight

Hometown: I live in Cardiff-by-the-Sea CA and love it! (but part of my heart will always belong to NYC)

Favorite Vacation Spot: Aspen/Snowmass Colorado – it’s been a special place for my family for most of my life. Lots of memories. Lots of hikes. Lots of fresh-pow days.

Most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten: I’m a HUGE foodie and I’ll try anything at least once. A few things that come to mind: Duck fat caramels, corn ice cream, shrimp heads, pine needle green juice, goat butter, fish doughnuts, and kangaroo tacos.

What are you listening to right now - and why: Lately, I’m into podcasts. I’m naturally curious and I love learning. Radical Candor, NYT The Daily, and Revisionist History are some of my faves.

What are you most passionate about at work: I love that every day in this business is different. There are always new problems to solve, new people to meet, new ideas to get excited about. 

If you were an animal, what would you be: An owl

Surprise party for your birthday - yes or no: I’ve never actually had a surprise party, but YES!

What was your first job: In high school, I was a “fit model” for a company that made jeans and I worked as a lab assistant at a cancer research laboratory (back when I thought I wanted to be a doctor or a scientist. Ha!)

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