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Turning a district into a destination.

Cherry Creek North (an upscale neighborhood in Denver filled with hotels, chic fashion boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, wellness studios, and more) came to 62ABOVE after seeing the work we’d done for some destination marketing organizations. While not a DMO themselves, they saw the opportunity to approach their marketing like one. Like those DMOs, they wanted their story to be that of a true experience worth visiting. So, that’s what we did. We helped share the story of this wonderful destination within a destination that’s both elevated and approachable.

A bunch of different sources. One sweet campaign.

For the kind of destination storytelling we wanted to create, we needed great lifestyle photography and videography that fit the tone and brand positioning of our new campaign, “Life is Sweet.” One challenge we encountered right away was that a shoot wasn’t in the immediate budget, meaning this unified campaign would be created from existing photos and video from a wide variety of sources. We started mining through Cherry Creek North’s asset library from previous shoots, looking for the gems that fit the vibe of our new campaign. We even procured some shots from local hotels and business partners. We took all these disparate pieces and tied them together with a graphic treatment that made them feel like they all came from the same voice. We wove dynamic text into the very scenes (in both still executions and video), creating a cohesive campaign. Along with the new campaign and tagline, we also evolved the brand’s logo to feel fresh, modern, and sophisticated. This total rebrand gave the community the voice and energy of a true destination—one where, simply put, life is sweet.