Back to Work

A celebration of ideas and the people who bring theirs to life.

Invent Together is an alliance of universities, companies, and individuals aimed at illuminating the diversity gaps in inventing and patenting—and working to close them. They wanted a new campaign that changed how we looked at the issues facing the innovation economy, and highlighted what was possible if more people were supported in pursuing their ideas. So we reached for the brightest crayons in the box and got to work.

A Campaign Made To Stand Out

Instead of focusing on the negative path that led to the inequalities in inventing today, we wanted to highlight the bright future that could exist if we fixed them. This campaign (called “This Idea Will Change the World”) was born of optimism—and the creative needed to reflect that. We made sure the language stayed positive, highlighting all the wonderful benefits that more inventor diversity would bring, while the visual treatment went big on people, energy, and color. The campaign reaches consumers with videos, print, digital placements, email blasts, social media marketing, and more, working to spread awareness and interest in the fight for innovation equality.