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Coloring outside the lines with PR.

OOLY makes some of the best and most creative arts and crafts products in the game. (We’re talking everything from glitter markers to scented gel pens to watercolor kits.) Looking to establish its brand as a true category leader in consumers’ minds OOLY partnered with 62ABOVE to elevate overall brand presence through first-hand experience of their unique product offerings, community advocacy, and leadership strategy. OOLY wanted consistent placement in consumer, trade, lifestyle, and business media on a local, regional, and national scale.

Painting the full picture.

62ABOVE launched a strategic approach to increase OOLY’s brand visibility in the San Diego community and beyond. The goal? Drive awareness through strong story placement. Throughout the partnership, 62ABOVE led media relations efforts, beginning with a multi-pronged monthly plan that addressed product launches, news, holidays, and trends to produce maximum media impressions. We provided recommendations on brand partnerships, charitable and community affiliations, and engaging events and activations.

62ABOVE secured a steady drumbeat of widespread, high-quality media placements by consistent execution of its communications strategy. This included traditional pitches and sample mailers to targeted media outlets, as well as new product launches and establishing meaningful connections for OOLY’s Founder and CEO with target media.

Putting OOLY’s creativity on a giant stage.

  • More than 8.4 billion media impressions (that’s billion with a B).
  • Features in Good Housekeeping, Country Living Magazine, The Toy Insider, Cool Hunting, New York Magazine, Forbes, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, TODAY, The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, USA Today, Parade, San Diego Magazine, San Diego Union-Tribune, and more.