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How a new campaign bloomed in the desert.

When we began our relationship with Rancho Mirage Tourism, they were in major need of a refresh. It had been nearly two decades since the last time they updated their brand. They came to 62ABOVE to build a new campaign from the ground up—and we couldn’t wait to get started. So, we packed our sunscreen and took to the desert. And what we found was an oasis of possibility.

See where imagination can lead.

Through research, concepting, and brand consultancy with our partners at Rancho Mirage Tourism, we arrived at a new positioning for the destination. We found that this was a place of boundless enrichment—from sunrise hikes to awe-filled nights at the Observatory; from the renowned Rancho Mirage Writers Festival to world-class golf clinics; from yoga and meditation retreats to thoughtful dining experiences. Articulated through the “Can You Imagine?” campaign, the creative painted Rancho Mirage as a place that stirs wonder—a place almost too good to be true. Alongside the campaign, a new logo was created, modernizing the brand. A full photo and video shoot captured the essence of the destination, while print, digital, and video ads told the story.