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There’s magic beyond the mouse.

Visit Anaheim has an elephant-sized mouse in the room, and it goes by the name of Disneyland. But Anaheim is so much more than famous amusement parks. 62ABOVE helped Visit Anaheim tell this very story, illustrating the breadth of experiences that make the entire area so special. The goal is to encourage visitors to come and, yes, visit Disneyland as a primary attraction, but to also explore beyond—to see everything else this destination has to offer, and perhaps even extend their stay.

Emphasis on “Go!”

To highlight all the incredible things to see and do in addition to  the Disney properties, 62ABOVE uncovered a whole host of businesses, hotels, restaurants, bars, sports venues, museums, and more—all benefitting from the traffic that Disneyland brings, but operating successfully in their own rights. We used a data-driven approach to understand the ever-changing demands and desires of likely travelers and how they stay “on the go” within this active destination. Then, we married these insights with our deep understanding of the greater Anaheim area. From this, we created an energetic, call-to-action marketing campaign—wrapped up with three simple but powerful words: “Here We Go.”

This integrated campaign was brought to life through a series of videos and digital ads, targeting both leisure travelers and group/meeting business travel. It was built on visitor insights that show there is a huge post-COVID demand to explore and try new things. In other words: to get up, get out, and go! And the campaign encourages visitors to do just that: to go and enjoy the wide and wonderful variety of only-in-Anaheim experiences available.

Making moves with our media plan.

  • By specifically targeting travel intenders, we are able to drive high-quality leads to Visit Anaheim’s site at an efficient cost. In our first month, we achieved:
    • 10+ MM impressions.
    • 36,645 clicks to the site.
    • Only $1.64 per click.