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Welcome to Carlsbad. Where it’s all good.

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The more we explored what truly sets Carlsbad apart from other places (even other Southern California coastal destinations), the more it became clear. There’s an attitude in Carlsbad that encourages its locals and visitors to unwind, to play, to grow, to eat, to drink, to explore … however they want to. It’s a permission to ignore your emails, your to-do list, and definitely your age. It’s a call to try something new. Or try doing nothing at all. Whatever you do, just do you. Because here in Carlsbad … it’s all good.



With its laid-back attitude and beautiful beaches, Carlsbad is highly rated by previous visitors. The problem is… those who haven’t visited Carlsbad don’t know much about it. What makes Carlsbad different from any other SoCal spot?

62ABOVE kicked off by fielding an in-depth brand study which showed that, although we were being considered by a significant number of consumers, people were ultimately choosing to visit locations they were more familiar with.

Out with the old
in with the new & improved

“All Good” leads to great places.

By digging into the unique culture and offerings of the destination, we created a new brand campaign for Carlsbad: “All Good.” The goal was to uniquely position the city as a place where consumers could relax and grow, supported by all the oh-so-good experiences that Carlsbad has to offer.

Combined with a deepdive into the target, we built a communications plan with four key pillars. First: Intrigue and educate on what Carlsbad is. Next, differentiate via the breadth of experiences available. Then we personalized the communications by aligning with interests and passions to drive bookings. Finally, inspire further exploration (and return visits) by showing current visitors other available experiences.

Our 'All Good' campaign doubled actual visitation.
Intent to visit increased by 158% among people who were aware of our ads.
Consumer perceptions of Carlsbad skyrocketed from the very bottom of their competitive set (among people who were unaware of the campaign) to the top (among those who are aware of our ads)...tied with San Diego!

We’re not finished wowing you!