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How to Extend the Life of Your Influencer Campaign

By Danielle Nuzzo

So you’ve run an influencer campaign. Now what?

You’ve most likely spent a decent amount of time and money on the campaign so why not ensure that you continue to see a return on investment by repurposing influencer content in an omni-channel approach?

Depending on the campaign, you may have a plethora of assets and content pieces that you now own. How do you use these assets, and potentially stagger them over several months, to maximize reach and engagement while keeping your own channels looking fresh?

First you would need to confirm that you own the usage rights to any content (images, videos, artwork, physical goods, etc.) created during your influencer partnership. We handle these logistics during the contracting phase with each individual influencer. It is important to clarify how you intend to use the created assets later on, so making sure you plan ahead for how to leverage influencer assets should be a vital part of the foundational planning phase for each campaign.

Here are 8 tactics for repurposing influencer assets and content:

Social Media – Make sure to repost (and credit) influencers on your own social channels. That can be done through a number of platforms, such as Instagram Stories, Facebook albums, YouTube playlists or a Pinterest board.

Email – Deploy a dedicated email to your subscribers to showcase influencer content for a specific product or collection.

E-Commerce – Use dynamic influencer content for a homepage banner or add to a dedicated landing page for a product or service. You can also include influencer assets on PDP pages to elevate key styles.

Product Reviews – Publish copy from influencers’ social/blog posts as a testimonial on your site. Better yet, ask an influencer to review the products that they receive directly on your website.

Kickstart a UGC campaign – Use influencers to help kick-start a user-generated content campaign to get even more assets for your brand in the future. By working with influencers in the early stages, you can set up examples for how you’d like consumers to interact with your brand on social media.

Advertising – Include influencer content in your paid ad campaigns across digital, print, and social. In addition, we always recommend putting aside budget to promote/boost social posts for influencer partners. To that end, we have also worked on influencer campaigns where the final assets were used as POP displays for retail partners.

Collaborations – Was there an influencer that you really loved working with? Invite them to become even more integrated into the brand by fostering an ongoing relationship, whether that be through a collaboration on product design or inviting them to help with creative for future ad campaigns.

PR/Media Opportunities – Have you worked with a big-name influencer? It might be worthwhile to pitch this relationship to trade/niche publications. Or perhaps you’re working with a local artisan, which could be a compelling story for regional outlets. Consider influencers as brand ambassadors who could potentially speak to print, online or broadcast media on the brand’s behalf.

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