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Influencer Marketing: How to Execute a Successful Campaign with REAL Results

By Danielle Nuzzo

Thinking of running an influencer campaign? Our recent webinar dives into how a strategic approach to influencer marketing can lead to REAL, measurable results.

This webinar is co-hosted by Danielle Nuzzo, senior director of marketing strategy, and Torie Covington, director of public relations, who each have more than 10 years experience managing earned media and communications for global brands spanning the CPG, travel, lifestyle and non-profit industries.

In this webinar, we discuss all of the key elements to working with influencers, from the vetting and selection process to cross-promoting and repurposing influencer assets for paid media campaigns. We also talk about setting clear expectations for campaign deliverables, why it is so important to have a contract with each influencer you work with and take on the most dreaded of all influencer marketing conversations: budget.

For more information on 62ABOVE’s approach to influencer marketing, visit us HERE.

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