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Renacimiento del Turismo

By Indra Gardiner Bowers

If your Spanish is a little rusty, that title means the Rebirth of Tourism, which was the slogan of this year’s Tianguis Turistico, Mexico’s annual travel and tourism event. After last year’s virtual event, Tianguis was back live last month, and it certain ly was lively. Held in Merida in the state of Yucatan, nearly 4,000 attendees were vaxxed, masked, and ready to do business. And we were right there with them.

The vibe was optimistic and there was good reason to be. Mexico was the first country to proact ively reopen, and it’s been busy with pent up travel demand. Mexico’s secretary of tourism, Miguel Torruco Marques, told the opening session that they expect 31 million international tourists by the end of this year, bringing them back on pace with pre – pan demic numbers.

We represent the Cross Border Xpress (CBX), a pedestrian bridge that allows travelers to cross between the United States and Tijuana International Airport. This fall CBX passed the 12 million passenger mark and this spring more travelers crossed the bridge than in the spring of 2019. We like to think we’ve contributed to that growth a bit with coverage in outlets such as CNN and Business Insider.

Our client (and neighbor), the state of Baja California, had a busy pavilion at Tianguis and told us that business was brisk. Now that the border has reopened, we are promoting our Drive South campaign, which focuses on California road trippers. We’re seeing more and more interest from travel media to explore regions they have lost touch with during the past two years, which has resulted in recent placements such as TripAdvisor’s Weekender and Thrillist LA.

Even though Mexico was selected as Travel & Leisure’s 2022 Destination of the Year, they are not resting on their laurels. There are ambitious plans for tourism throughout the country, with one of the most interesting being the Mayan Train (Tren Maya). This multi – billion effort will connect Quintana Roo, Campeche, Chiapas, Tabasco, and Yucatan. There are vast mixed – use plans for the stations with new hotels, shops, dining, and residential developments. We’re watching this one with interest. 62ABOVE has a deep passion for Mexico and continues to develop its understanding and insight into the country. If you haven’t been in a while, we encourage you to start planning a trip to one of its many beautiful, and delicious, destinations.